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Hi, my name is Carlo Delos Santos I am an enthusiast of smartphone products.  I choose to write a blog about Xiaomi smartphones or in short MI Phones. Before I am not familiar in Xiaomi til one day I found some reviews on youtube and it makes me amazed and bought my first xiaomi redmi 4A 2gb ram in one of the online store here in the Philippines June 2017 and you know what my redmi 4A is amazing the internet connectivity is so good, signal so strong and well built can match with those premium smartphone products.

I did continue the research about Xiaomi and found out that Xiaomi is a Chinese company located in Beijing and their first smartphone was released August 2011 and become China's largest smartphone company in 2014 according to Wikipedia as of 2017 they are now the world's 5th largest smartphone company.  And they are continuously expanding their products.  I believe in Xiaomi's groups with the non-stop innovations of their products.  Thank you.
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